Developing Strengths

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中学 项目概述


This division's program model, 课程, assessment philosophy, 日程安排, 当然, 它的老师, all combine to create the very best 中学 experience.

Students participating in class with their teacher

罗兰霍尔中学利用任务型评分来全面报告学生作为学习者的发展. 学生每节课获得三个等级,这些类别来自我们的澳博体育app下载 mission statement: academic mastery, productivity, and contributions.

Personalized Attention

中学 student and teacher chatting.

Our 中学 has an average class size of 16 students. 每个孩子都是知名的,并以最能满足他们需求的方式得到支持.

Student Leadership

中学教师帮助学生学习成为一名有效的领导者意味着什么, including leadership styles and 技能. 八年级的时候, students enjoy leading peers across the division, helping to create connections, facilitate personal growth, and solve conflict.


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